Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I replace my roof?

You should replace your roof when you start to see warn out granules and curling shingles. For a better take on your roof, grab a pair of binoculars and inspect your roof from the ground. As a precaution and for your own safety, don't climb up onto your roof --leave that for a experienced roofing professional.

What could happen if I wait too long to fix my roof?

Most commonly, if you wait to long too repair your roof, then a simple roof repair can turn into more serious damages. For instance, your roof leak could start mold growth on your insulation, drywall stains, ruined carpeting, and furniture. So my best advice to you, is to take care of a roof leak ASAP!

How will I know if I need to replace or repair my roof?

The following repair or replace factors will help you decide if you should repair or replace. 

Curled Up Shingles:

Curled shingles pose a potential or existing problem on your roof. Curled shingles are normally a result of failure in the roof shingles tar strip, which seals your shingle down securely and firm. In having curled shingles on your roof, you run the risk of wind driven rain climbing its way under the roof shingle and down the nearest void in your roof causing interior water damage..

Worn-off Granules:

Warn off granules are a perfect indicator for when it's time to replace your existing roof. Granules are the main protectant from the rain, snow, hail, from penetrating your roof --without them your in for problems. You can tell when you're missing granules from your roof shingles by looking for bare or dark spots on your roof shingles, or by looking into your gutters -- where the ultimately end up... FYI granules look like small sand pebbles.. 

Loose Or Missing Shingles:

This most certainly will be the future or existing cause of your roof leaks. 

Cracked Shingles:

Another common cause for roof leaks, are cracked shingles. Cracked shingles normally happen when a nail expands and contracts due to weather changes. When the roof shingle is warn out and old the shingle becomes weak, you end up with nail pops.  

Stains On Your Interior Ceiling:

Stains on your ceilings are good indicators of a roof leak and should be verified, whether it's HVAC related or roof related. Have an experienced roofing professional decide if that is the case.. 

Age Of Roof:

Depending on the brand and quality of your roof shingles, generally most roof shingles last about 10-25 years. A good indicator would be if your home is the same age as your neighboors that are getting new roofs installed, that would be a good time to have yours replaced as well.

I think I should have my roof replaced, what should I do next? 

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